is it ok for dogs to eat watermelon?

Watermelon is a scrumptious and healthy snack for humans, but is it healthy for your dog as well? Yes! It’s a great treat for dogs, especially as a relaxing treat over a hot day.

This delightful fruit is packed with many healthy nutrients, like Vitamins A, B6, and C, and potassium which helps your pup’s body maintain healthy muscles and nerve function. Watermelon also includes healthy fiber, which supports digestion. It is mostly consisting of drinking water (92%), so that it is an extremely hydrating treat as well.

What to look out for
When giving your dog watermelon, make sure to remove the seeds and the rind (skin); both can cause an blockage in the intestines, especially in smaller dogs. While much larger dogs have the ability to chew the rind, you need to avoid presenting it to them because the rind is indigestible. As always, screen your dog when supplying watermelon because almost always there is a threat of a abdominal upset when presenting your dog new foods.

How exactly to give your dog watermelon
Give your pet watermelon as a snack. Hang on to the rind while your dog will take chunks from it or cube it and serve them bits. If your dog is teething, position the cubes into the freezer for a little for a comforting treat. Avoid providing too much watermelon. All things, even healthy, should get in moderation.

More dog-friendly fruits
Watermelon isn’t the sole fruit dogs can chow down on! However, fruits are usually higher in sugar and really should be limited in obese domestic pets. Other healthy fruits for dogs include:

Reminder: before supplying your pet any of these fruits, make sure to wash the berry, remove rinds, inedible skins, pits, and seeds.

Non dog-friendly fruits
Some fruits can be poisonous to pet dogs for their skin, contents, or even more. Avoid supplying your pet the next fruits:


is it ok for dogs to eat watermelon?

Yes, in a nutshell watermelon is safe for your pet to eat; especially helpful in keeping them hydrated during a hot summer’s day. This huge fruit has a great deal of superb nutrition (e.g. minerals and vitamins) which are excellent for your dog’s health and wellness. However, it’s important to learn:

Rinds and seeds should not be consumed by your pet as they can cause gastrointestinal issues (e.g. diarrhea, intestinal blockage and annoyed stomachs).
Considered by many to be always a super-fruit it is completely filled with: vitamin A, C B6 and B1, calcium and potassium.

Based on the USA Department of Agriculture, the delightful fruits only has 50 calories per glass (e.g. one cut) as 92% is normal water.
JUST HOW MUCH Watermelon Can your dog Eat?
There is an old saying “an excessive amount of a good thing” (i.e. unwanted can cause damage). As humans we realize this only too well with chocolate, alcohol and other taboo food items. But can too much injury your dog?

As with most fruits, there’s a natural imbalance of certain vitamins and nutrition in Watermelon. Watermelon has high doses of Vitamin A, B6 and C therefore you must not consistently overfeed your pet with fruits.
Experts suggest that in your dog’s diet, only 10% of consumption of calories should come through treats or snacks. In addition, fruit and vegetables should not constitute more than 20% of any dog’s diet. Finally

For any dog weighing 25 pounds, she should consume between 500 to 750 calorie consumption each day based on their age, physical activity and if they have been neutered.

If you wish to utilize it as a delicacy, using the utmost 10% guideline, she should eat 50 calorie consumption of watermelon every day; which is 150 grams in total.